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Here’s Julian and Fab in 2002 backstage at the Greek Theater in Hollywood. Good times.

From In Transit, directed by Steven Spielberg ofc.

Throughout the conversation, he drums his fingers incessantly against his leg and explains that it’s an obsessive-compulsive habit — beating out the cadences of his thoughts and speech. “We have cadence in everything that we do,” he says. He then points to the feet of people passing by. “Look, they’re creating beats walking down the street. One, two. And their heartbeat is in a certain rhythm. Their fucking step is in a certain rhythm.”

He admits that not everyone likes it when he taps his fingers all the time. “It annoyed friends, girlfriends, parents,” he says. “‘Stop that incessant tapping, you son of a bitch.’” In fact, Casablancas says the first thing he thought when he met the then-hyperactive Moretti in high school was that the kid was “a little annoying.” He point-blank asked Moretti not to talk around him. But now, Moretti has become the group’s soft-spoken intellectual.

-Fabrizio Moretti

but now …


jules can’t keep his eyes off fab. 


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Julian Casablancas & Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes)
He was over listening to “St. Justice” from my new solo EP. It was really cute, he was like, “Is this lyric about me?” And I was like, “…no, man.” It really wasn’t, but it was a good circle because I’ve felt that way about so many of his lyrics.
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